Ingredients & Utensils
Stephanie's Hard Candy
4 Cups White Sugar
1 Cup Cold Water
1 Cup White Karo Syrup
1 Teaspoon Flavoring
Food Coloring
2 Boxes Powdered Sugar
1 Large Saucepan
1 Candy Thermometer
4 flat pans or cookie trays with sides

For Flavoring use the following to achieve desired flavor and coloring:


Wintergreen--dark green
Spearmint--light green
Orange--light orange
Sassafras--dark orange

Before making candy, prepare troughs.

Use four 9x13 pans or cookie sheets with sides.

Fill them with 1/2 inch of powdered sugar.  Use spoon or fingers to make narrow troughs lengthwise.  Make 5 or 6 rows per pan.

Mix white sugar, karo syrup and water in large sauce pan but do not stir after that.  Bring to a boil and monitor with candy thermometer until 300 degrees or "hard crack" level is indicated.

Remove at once from heat and add flavoring and coloring.

Pour at once into troughs working quickly before candy cools.

As soon as the candy is cool enough to handle, cut into desired size pieces with scissors.  You will probably need at least one helper to complete cutting the candy before it has completely cooled.  After the candy has been cut, shake off the excess powdered sugar.

The candy will store for several months at room temperature.
Serving Suggestions.
This candy has been a traditional Christmas Treat from Stephanie Medina eagerly anticipated by family and friends!  Stephanie normally packages the candy in mason jars wrapped in holiday bows and ribbons.  However, it makes a delightful treat and/or gift all year round.  In addition, the candy can be added to hot tea or coffee to create a unique and flavorful break from routine flavors.  Since the flavors and colors can be customized, the candy can be prepared in school colors for the sports fan and you may want to experiment with molds for different holidays and events.  However, be sure you use metal molds as the plastic and rubber molds will melt! Be warned this is hard candy (for you denture wearers) and the cinnamon and other flavors can be quite spicy depending on the concentration of oil added.  Be sure to try Stephanie's other recipe for a Hershey's Chocolate Torte
For pictures of Stephanie and her daughters making this year's batch of Christmas Candy,  click on the picture..
For pictures of the step by step cooking process, click on Stephanie's picture at the bottom of the page.